Pausing the liveblog until my roommate gets home, so I’ll be a bit delayed but OH WELL.

"Seriously, I feel like J’Tia right now. Like, ‘Did Jon pour the rice over the fire?? Did Jon lose the flint?’"

Goddammit Jon.

"You’re squatting fifty pounds. You think that’s a big deal, bro? That’s not a big deal."

Fifteen minutes!!!!

As usual, I’ll be liveblogging tonight. Blacklist “survivor liveblog” if you don’t want to follow along. There will be spoilers!


Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Exile Island: Keith & Val

Big Brother is over, and you want to do more than just watch Blood vs Water on TV?


The top franchise in Tumblr social gaming, Tumblr Survivor, is casting for it’s next season!


This time we will be filming in the forgotten province of Newfoundland in the deep enchanted forest region that is Canada!  It’s a dangerous land full of snow, ice, and killer moose!

20 contestants will be dropped off in an isolated area (and / or a Skype chatroom) where they must create their own society, compete in competitions, and vote each other out of the game.

To add to an already heated, hard, and incredibly social game is a new layer that we’ve seen play out on the TV show already in an awesome yet heart wrenching way.  

This season’s theme is Blood vs Water




This year you will be required to apply with someone else as your couple for the twist.  This open to all sorts of combinations!

  • New to Tumblr Survivor?  Feel free to apply with someone you know who also hasn’t played Tumblr Survivor yet. 
  • Already played Tumblr Survivor?  You may apply as well, but you must apply with someone who hasn’t played yet.
  • Have you already played, but you have a real life friend or relative who has already played?  This season we will allow you to come back as a duo.

Keep in mind returning players, doesn’t matter how well you did in a previous season.  Your application is only as good as your partner’s!  We are looking for dynamic newbies this season! 

(also if you are currently in another season, you may get denied or accepted on a case by case basis)

You must have a Tumblr account and skype account to play!

Both you and your partner are responsible for your own individual applications.

Applications can be found here

Other things to keep in mind!  Redemption Island Duels, Hidden Immunity Idols with new powers, and the endless internet drama!

Also for the first time in Tumblr Survivor history, the winner will receive a real physical prize.  

Apply today

20 people, 39 Days, 1 Survivor!




Survivor: San Juan del Sur - Intro